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The history of IWC can be fairly quickly summarized. In his quest to combine both American pioneer spirit and Swiss tradition, Florentine Ariostos's path lead him all the way from Boston to Schaffhausen, with only the ambition of inventing a series of accurate pocket watches. Times have certainly changed since then, but a large part of IWC's initial drive and enthusiasm carries on well in today. One might believe IWC watches are modest timepieces, due to the reserved brand acronym. However, it definitely isn't true considering IWC made the most complicated (at the time) produced watch series in the entire world. Today, it places a large emphasis on elaborate chronographs and hand wound watches with a significant amount of power reserve. It's not trying to be imposing, even when the brand concentrates its efforts on watch dimensions starting around the 42 mm mark. It's a brand that ensures a smooth transition for the icons of its past to assume their rightful place in the present day.

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